As a responsible specialist in the waste and recycling industries, AKS Skip Hire understands just how important recycling is in preventing a build-up of waste materials in landfill sites not just in Norwich but throughout the UK. We are committed not just to providing great personal service but also to save time, running costs, resources and energy in the process.

Since 2002, we have striven to improve our recycling services by bringing an affordable and convenient means of waste disposal to communities in Norwich, in addition to protecting the environment and saving landfill space, and we are now proud to announce that 100% of waste recovered in our service is recycled resulting in 0% of waste going to landfill!

This includes everything from plastics to cardboard, metals, rubble, soils, wood and electrical goods, and we can also handle hazardous substances and building materials.
85% of all refuse we deal with is recycled and the remaining 15% RDF (refuse derived fuel) are sent to power stations to be burned and used for energy.

This means that all the waste that is recovered by AKS Skip Hire can be reused through numerous practical applications, saving time, reusing energy and keeping important materials in use.

One of our most important recent innovations to help us on our way has been our relocation to a new Transfer Station and picking line with a bigger, better equipped site with which to carry out a whole host of refuse recovery and recycling operations. This has enabled us to meet even higher environmental targets whilst helping local homeowners, businesses and industries to improve their waste disposal systems.

With a longstanding target having finally been met, we anticipate further improvements to our progressive waste disposal service in the future, and AKS Skip Hire eagerly looks forward to working with our customers and the Norfolk community to achieve our goals.