If you’re thinking about hiring a skip, you’re probably concerned with making it as cost-effective as possible. At AKS Skip Hire, we understand! Here are our top tips to help you reduce your skip costs without compromising on the recycling service you need in the Norfolk area.


Choose the right size skip

Our first tip is to choose the right size skip for your needs. This might seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people overestimate how much waste they’ll need to remove. Larger skip sizes cost more to hire than smaller skip sizes. If you hire a skip that is larger than necessary, you’ll be paying more than you need to for your removal.

Likewise, make sure your skip hire is big enough for your needs. While you can always hire an extra skip, this will be more expensive than hiring just one larger skip. Remember, multiple skips can mean multiple booking fees, permit costs, and general skip delivery fees.


Go with a local skip hire company

When searching for a suitable skip hire company, don’t just choose the first business that appears on Google. Always check where a skip hire company is based. 

If you’re located outside of their area, they might still agree to provide you with a skip. However, they could charge you for the privilege! They’ll need to travel a greater distance to get to your location, so chances are — you’ll be covering the extra fuel costs.

Not only is going with a local company better for the environment due to the shorter transportation distance, but you’ll also get the best rate and be supporting your local economy.

At AKS Skip Hire, we offer waste removal and recycling in the Norfolk area. Are you based in Norwich, Aylsham, Wroxham, or Wymondham? Give us a call to see how we can help you.


Know the details before booking a skip service

Before you agree to use a skip service, know exactly what your fees will be getting you. Is the skip company offering a full removal service — including the delivery and removal of the skip, recycling, parking permits, booking fees, and more?

Check this out before paying for your skip. A service might seem like it is the cheapest option at first, but could land you with extra fees or administrative tasks to arrange. Any professional service will be happy to break down their rates for you and explain what is included in their services.


Consider a Load and Go service

Do you need a skip for a few days or can you get rid of your waste in one go? When you hire a skip, you usually need to pay for a permit to keep it on the road. With a Load and Go skip hire service, you won’t need to pay this additional charge. Someone will arrive at your premises with a van to remove your waste on the spot.

You’ll still need to pay for your skip and its booking fee, but this can be an excellent value for money solution for those on a tighter budget.


Skip hire and recycling in Norfolk

Are you based in the Norfolk area? Get in touch with our experienced and friendly team at AKS Skip Hire today. Take a look at our wide range of skip sizes and choose a service to suit your requirements. We offer great quality, cheap skip hire across Norwich and Norfolk. 

We even offer a fast and convenient Load and Go option. We supply a van and driver who will help you load all your waste into the vehicle. No need for a long-term skip permit!