Skip hire in Norwich is a great choice when you have an outsized amount of waste. And hiring a skip should be a straightforward process. But mistakes can be made, especially if you’ve never hired one. So we’ve put together this list of five common mistakes, so you know what to avoid!


1. Hiring the wrong size skip

Hiring the wrong size is probably the most common mistake we see because it can be tricky knowing just how much space you’ll need. 

We have a handy skip size page that lets you know how many bags of rubbish will fit in each unit and the most common use for each size. This information should help you make the right decision, but you can always call us on 01603 789 555 if you’re still unsure.


2. Getting the right location

When it comes to skip placement there are no hard and fast rules. However, it does need to be on a flat surface, so the unit is safe and secure. You’ll need to contact the local authority for a permit if you don’t have a driveway or garden so that you can put the skip directly on the road.

The next thing you’ll need to do is to clear an area for the skip to sit on. Note down the dimensions of the skip you hire and clear an appropriate site. That way, there’s no risk of damaging your property as the skip is put in place or removed. 


3. Forgetting the removal date

We often see this happen. You’re so involved in your renovation or house clearance project that you forget the removal date. Before you know it, we’ve arrived to remove your skip, and it’s only half full.

Fortunately, it’s easy to avoid this mistake. Simply set yourself a reminder the week before the collection date, and assess what still needs to be done. Then, contact us to rearrange your removal date if you think you won’t be finished in time. On the other hand, if you think you can remove all the waste in a day, why not use our load and go services instead? 


4. Exceeding the fill limit

Another common mistake is exceeding the fill limit of your skip. Obviously, you can avoid this by choosing the correct size. But once your skip is filled, you’ll also need to ensure that no more waste is added.

Fill limits are a safety precaution to keep our skip handlers safe. They ensure that nothing falls out and causes an injury, and they’re not too heavy to handle. However, you could be fined if you exceed the limit, or we may be forced to leave the extra waste with you.


5. The wrong type of waste

To avoid this mistake, consider the kind of waste you need to dispose of and choose the right service. Of course, there are strict restrictions on what you can and can’t place in a skip, but as a rule, most household and garden waste is acceptable. However, if you want to dispose of hazardous waste, you’ll need to contact us to discuss our Waste Electrical Equipment (WEE) recycling services. 

If you need to get rid of construction waste, we recommend our roll-on roll-off hire. This service is ideally suited to managing bricks and other construction materials. plus soil and general waste.  

AKS Skip Hire in Norwich

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