Hiring a skip is an effective waste management solution for large amounts of rubbish or debris. Once you’ve worked out the right skip size for your project, the next thing you need to organise is a skip permit. We’ve put together the following information on skip licences and what to do if you can’t get one.

What is a skip hire permit and when do I need one?

A skip hire permit means you can legally put your skip on the road, not the pavement, outside your house. It ensures that your skip can be safely located in a way that doesn’t cause an accident. However, you may need to provide additional markings and safety lights.

Who applies for a skip hire permit?

Who applies for the permit depends on where you live, and the rules can vary from council to council. Before you book a skip, check your postcode. In most areas, your skip hire company is responsible for applying for a skip permit. However, some councils prefer the householder to apply themselves.

Before you start the application process, these are the factors you need to consider:

  • The skip can’t block access to utility points, manhole covers and other maintenance access points.
  • The skip must not block your neighbour’s access unless they give you permission.
  • The skip cannot be placed on a double-yellow line.
  • Skip location must comply with local guidelines and restrictions. For example, within the city walls of Norwich, a skip can’t be left without a lid overnight.

How the council handles your skip permit application

Several factors come into play when the council starts to consider your application. Though these can vary, the following considerations generally apply:

  • The volume of traffic and the impact of your skip on traffic flows.
  • How accessible the skip is from your property.
  • The width of the road and whether it’s an adequate width for your skip.
  • Whether planned maintenance or roadworks are due to be carried out.
  • Any other potential dangers and disruptions that your skip could cause.

What happens if I can’t get a skip hire permit?

The majority of skip permits are approved without any problem. Just sit and wait until you hear from us. But in a handful of situations, the council will refuse a permit. If this is related to planned roadworks, then you may need to rearrange your plans.

However, if your application is refused, and you go ahead with skip hire anyway, you could face a fine of £1,000. In addition, the council will immediately remove the skip, so you’ll have paid for something you can’t use. Using a skip without a licence is breaking the law, and enforcement officers make regular permit checks.

It’s worth knowing that you won’t need a permit in the following situations:

  • If the skip is entirely placed on private land, e.g. your driveway
  • If the skip is located on an unadopted road

Alternatives to skip hire

If you are refused a skip permit but still need to get rid of your waste, you could consider our Load and Go service.

Opting for load and go can be a more cost-effective alternative to hiring a skip. You don’t need to add the cost of a skip permit. And our friendly driver will help you load up your rubbish before taking it to our waste management centre for recycling.

Book a skip with AKS Skip Hire

If you need to book a skip in the Norwich and Norfolk area and you need a permit, give AKS Skip Hire a call. Our friendly team can help you book a skip or our load and go service, so contact us today for more help.