Halloween is a great excuse to wear a costume and throw a spooky party. But it’s a celebration that generates a massive amount of waste, from plastic Trick or Treat buckets to discarded costumes and decorations. It’s been estimated that Halloween generates nearly 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste a year, enough to fill 1,000 mini-skips! Of course, we’re your go-to for dependable skip hire in Norwich this October, but if you want to keep the celebrations clean and green, these are our top tips.


Hair-raising reuse and recycle

It’s tempting to splash out on new decorations and costumes every year, but it’s much more fun to make your own. For example, you could reuse last year’s treat buckets with a few added scary decorations. Alternatively, you could decorate pillowcases that your kids can use again next year.

When it comes to costumes, try recycling last year’s outfit to keep it out of the landfill. Or, as an alternative to single-use outfits, reuse old clothes or charity shop finds to create this Halloween’s spooky standout. Otherwise, renting is an excellent alternative to buying a throwaway costume.


Fright night decor

If you still have last year’s decorations, give them a clean and reuse them this year. Or why not go authentic with autumn leaves and branches to create spooky decor? Decorations don’t have to be single-use, so store them carefully and use them yearly to reduce waste.

Scarecrows are a classic creepy Halloween decoration. And they’re easy to make from old clothes stuffed with leaves or old newspapers. The right lighting can really make or break the mood, so invest in energy-saving LEDs or use wind-up torches for an authentically spooky setting.


Scary treats

Chocolate and sweet wrappers generate plenty of waste. And because they’re often made of plastic, they’re tough to recycle. So instead, try handing out homemade treats like pumpkin cupcakes and toffee apple flapjacks. They’re generally healthier than shop-bought and will keep waste to a minimum. Or hand out small toys, creepy stickers or glow sticks, making sure they’re recyclable first.


Eerie pumpkins

Britain wastes 13 million pumpkins annually, creating around 20,000 tonnes of food waste. Instead of throwing your pumpkin in the bin, try delicious soup, risotto, curry or pie. Birds love pumpkin seeds, so try roasting some for the bird feeder.

If you still have leftover pumpkin after all that, cut it up small and compost it. If you save some seeds, you could even try growing your own for next Halloween.


Party tips

Whether you’re throwing your own party or celebrating with friends, take the time to sort the party waste into recycling and food waste. Segregating waste avoids contamination and means that anything recyclable is dealt with properly. 

And instead of buying single-use plates and cutlery, why not use your own and wash up afterwards? It might be a bit more work, but it’s better for the planet.


Spooky waste segregation

Dealing with your waste responsibly might not seem like much fun. But it’s the best way to ensure you reduce the environmental impact of your Halloween party for a cleaner, greener celebration.

One great tip is to hire a mini skip from an environmentally responsible waste management service. Then, rather than leaving your waste in the bin and sending it to the tip, we’ll responsibly recycle everything we can. 


Have a cleaner, greener Halloween with AKS Skip Hire

If you’re looking for reliable recycling, commercial waste management, or skip hire in Norwich, AKS Skip Hire can help you. To deal with your Halloween waste, book a skip today.