Skips are marvellous answers for those of us who are looking for a waste solution. Use a skip to remove any accumulated junk from your home or on a commercial or industrial site. Skips are fantastic but, how high can you fill a skip?

Skip Hire Norwich

Selecting the right sized skip is important as skips must not be overfilled. Otherwise, they can not be transported properly.

There may have been a time where you were walking down a street and saw a skip overflowing with rubbish and rubble and you asked yourself, “how are they going to get that out of here?”.

That is generally how you can tell if your skip is reaching its limit!

However, “eyeballing it” doesn’t always seem to be the best solution. Because of that, we have created some basic rules.

  • If you have built a mound with level edges, you can build it up to 12″ higher in the middle.
  • If your skip is filled with lighter components, such as pipes and plastic, you can usually mound it up to 12-18″.
  • Always keep the driver in mind. If you fear it will be too hard to transport, it most likely will be.

Selecting The Right Skip

At AKS Skip Hire, we offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Our team can supply you with anything from a 2 cubic yard to a 40 cubic yard RORO.

If you are unsure about the size you need for your project, have no fear. Our team can help you work that out. Simply contact us with some more information.

Skip Hire Near Me

If you are looking for skip hire in Norfolk or around the Norwich area, then you are in luck. Our team is supplying over 600 skips across this area.

We pride ourselves in our customer service and transparent pricing, which you may struggle to find elsewhere. We have no hidden fees or additional charges. That means, no surprises!

AKS Skip Hire has a variety of skip sizes available, pick up dates and options for different waste disposal requirements. Contact us now to find out more.