Navigating the world of waste management can be daunting, especially when the project at hand demands efficient and effective solutions. Whether you’re a commercial builder or embarking on a domestic project, knowing your skips is essential to ensure timely and responsible waste disposal.

If you’re interested in skip hire in the Norwich & Norfolk area, read on for our handy guide to choosing the right service and skip size.


What types of waste are you dealing with?

Before diving into skip types, it’s important to understand the waste you’re dealing with. Are you working on a commercial building project or demolition? If so, you’re likely to generate a large quantity of waste which may include bulky materials.

Home clearouts and domestic projects, on the other hand, tend to result in lower waste volumes with a more diverse range of materials.


Finding the right skip service for commercial projects

Whether you’re renovating an office block, building new houses, or carrying out a demolition, it’s important to handle commercial waste management wisely.

When hiring a skip to collect any rubble, make sure you look for a company that has experience in navigating inert waste (that won’t decompose) and can recycle waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) properly. This is vital for adhering to WEEE regulations and protecting the environment. At AKS Skip Hire, we follow strict government guidelines and are committed to diverting as much WEEE from landfill as possible.


The best skips for commercial products

So, what are your skip options for building sites and other commercial projects?

Roll-on Roll-off skips

Often abbreviated as ‘RoRo’, these are the titans of the skip world. Perfect for large-scale projects, these skips are ideal for disposing of massive amounts of waste, often found at large construction sites. At AKS Skip Hire, we can deliver both 20-cubic-yard and 40-cubic-yard RoRo skips across Norwich and Norfolk.

12-yard skips

A popular choice among builders, the 12-yard skip strikes a balance between size and convenience. It’s big enough for significant waste amounts but not overly cumbersome, making it a top pick for medium to large-scale projects. Our 12-yard enclosed skip is ideal for storing potentially hazardous materials, such as asbestos.

Alternatively, we supply smaller 6-cubic-yard skips designed specifically for soil and rubbl

Load and go skips

If parking or permit issues plague your construction site in Norwich or Norfolk, the ‘load and go skip‘ is your saviour. Instead of leaving a skip on-site, the AKS Skip Hire team will wait while you load your waste, then drive it away on the same day.


Finding the right skip hire service for domestic projects in Norfolk

When it comes to home renovations and clearouts, you have a little more flexibility with your skip-hire choices. Chances are, you’ll have a lot less bulky and inert waste than a construction site. This means you could opt for any of these skip varieties:

Mini skips

Perfect for smaller tasks, a mini skip offers enough space for room clearances and minor garden renovations without overwhelming your driveway.

Open skips

Typically ranging from 4-yard to 12-yard capacities, open skips are versatile, making them perfect for domestic projects. The lack of a lid means they’re easy to load, but just make sure you don’t overload them.


Why is it vital to ensure proper waste management?

Beyond just getting rid of waste, partnering with a trusted skip hire service ensures responsible waste management. Whether it’s commercial building waste or domestic rubbish, choose a provider that prioritises eco-friendly waste management solutions.

Our team at AKS Skip Hire are dedicated to recycling 100% of the contents that pass through our waste transfer station in Norwich.


Partner with AKS Skip Hire for your Norfolk project

When considering skip hire in Norfolk, AKS Skip Hire stands out. We offer a wide range of skip sizes and types to cater to both commercial building sites and domestic projects. Our commitment to responsible waste management means you can rest easy knowing your waste is handled in an environmentally conscious manner.

To learn more, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today.