Norwich’s locations worst hit by fly tippers has been revealed. The figures obtained from the last 18 months show that nearly a third of incidents occur within the same 20 streets. With almost 7000 incidents reported the same 20 locations account for approximately 2,300 of the total count.
The report has been compiled by Norwich City Council who are set to crackdown on the situation over the next few days.

These are the worst affected areas:

Street Fly Tipping Figures
From Jan 2017 to July 2018
Suffolk Square 245
Lefroy Road 218
Bowers Avenue 198
Heathgate 148
Knowland Grove 117
Barnards Yard 93
Northfields 91
Magdalen Close 86
Springbank 81
Rouen Road 80
West Pottergate 73
Clifton Street 71
Dolphin Grove 71
Johnson Place 71
Gentry Place 66
Globe Place 64
Vale Green 64
Wilberforce Road 58
Godric Place 57
Holls Lane 53
William Mear Gardens 52
Netherwood Green 50