Whether you’re having a big clearout or just looking to improve your waste management, hiring a skip can be a great way to ensure your rubble and household items are handled responsibly. However, before hiring a skip, it can be fun and rewarding to see what you can upcycle. Upcycling not only reduces waste but it can also add a touch of uniqueness to your home.

As waste management experts in Norfolk, we see a host of objects that could be revived with a bit of creativity. Here are some of our favourite ways to give discarded treasures a new lease of life.


1. Reuse fabric scraps to make a rag rug

It’s easy to dismiss old clothing and towels when having a clearout. But you can also easily transform these pieces into a charming rag rug by cutting them into strips and braiding or knotting them together.


2. Create mosaics with old crockery

Broken crockery doesn’t have to end up in the bin. Utilise those beautiful ceramic pieces to create stunning mosaics on plant pots, picture frames, or even tabletops. Their varied colours and textures can add a touch of artistry to your surroundings.


3. Transform a ladder into a bookshelf

An old ladder might seem past its prime, but with a touch of creativity, it can be reborn as a functional bookshelf. Simply lay planks across the steps to create shelving, and you’ve got yourself a unique storage solution that adds character to any room. Rustic wooden ladders work particularly well for this upcycling idea.


4. Make a ladder trellis for your garden

Alternatively, use your old ladder outside — it can be the perfect trellis for climbing plants. Lean it against a wall or fence, allowing plants to weave through the rungs and create a charming vertical garden display.


5. Repurpose crates and pallets as seating

Crates and pallets hold the potential to become stylish seating options. Arrange them in creative configurations, add cushions for comfort, and voila – you’ve crafted trendy and eco-friendly seating for your indoor or outdoor spaces.


6. Make a quirky bathtub sofa

Have an old bathtub lying around? Large items like this can be particularly tricky to get rid of. At AKS Skip hire, we provide skips in a variety of sizes, with plenty of space to store bulky tubs — plus, we can deliver across Norwich and Norfolk. However, if you’re not ready to let go of your old bath yet, turn it into an eye-catching garden sofa. By adding some plush cushions and upholstery, you’ll have a conversation starter that’s both functional and visually appealing.


7. Use old window frames as a room divider

Don’t let old window frames go to waste. Repurpose them into charming room dividers by attaching several frames together. If you’re feeling especially inventive, you could add stained glass panes to catch the light.


8. Turn old drawers into shelves

Those drawers from an outdated cabinet can find a new purpose as shelves. Attach them to the wall in creative arrangements and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind display area.


9. Organise your kitchen with mason jars

Glass mason jars are more versatile than you might think. Repurpose them in your kitchen as storage containers for spices, dried goods, or utensils.


10. Create tyre planters

Car tyres can also be difficult to dispose of, and we don’t offer tyre recycling services at AKS Skip Hire. Fortunately, you can give your old tyres a green makeover by using them as planters. Paint them in vibrant colours, fill them with soil, and plant your favourite flowers or herbs.


Choose responsible disposal with AKS Skip Hire

Repurposing offers fantastic ways to breathe new life into old items. But some items are beyond upcycling, so knowing how to dispose of them responsibly is vital. If you require eco-conscious waste management services in Norwich and Norfolk, the team at AKS Skip Hire can help. We’re committed to recycling as much waste as possible and we’re even licensed to handle waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

We’re proud to recycle 100% of all materials that pass through our waste transfer station (85% is recycled onsite, and 15% goes on to fuel local power stations). Get in touch for your no-obligation skip hire quote.