Did you know that UK homes and businesses generate more than 1.45 tonnes of electronic waste every year? Disposing of e-waste presents some specific challenges that make using a professional waste company essential.

It’s sustainable

Disposing of e-waste is covered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, designed to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill. A professional waste company understands what can be reused and recycled which in turn prevents the exploitation of precious resources. In fact professional recycling helps to reduce the poisonous emissions from metal mining by up to 50%.

It enhances your reputation

Consumers are increasingly aware of how businesses interact with the environment. By arranging for electronic waste disposal with professional skip hire Norwich and Norfolk based businesses can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. In turn you’ll strengthen your reputation and your relationship with businesses and clients who support green causes and want to work with similarly focused organisations.

It saves time and money

Trying to dispose of sometimes hazardous waste within the guidelines is a specialised task. You’ll need to know the WEEE Regulations and the location of reputable recycling sites in your area. Working with the professionals cuts down on the time and money it takes to dispose of e-waste yourself while contributing to your sustainability targets.

It helps the community

By working with a professional disposal company you could be helping to give a second life to your old equipment. They’ll know where to recycle items in the most efficient and effective manner to help connect local communities.

If you’re looking to dispose of e-waste, AKS Skip Hire Norfolk can help. Just give us a call or google skip hire near me to find out more about our waste disposal services.