At AKS Skip Hire we recycle 100% of all materials that pass through our waste transfer station in Norwich. 85% of which, is recycled here on site and the remaining 15% is used by local power stations as a power source. We have been recycling since 2002 helping the local community of Norfolk work towards a greener future. Materials recycled include plastics, cardboard, metals, soils, rubble, wood, electrical goods and much more…

If you are located in Norfolk and looking for an on-going waste management solution then we can pay you a visit to put together a waste management site plan. We like to help local industries to do their bit for the environment so the site plan also includes an estimation as to how much of your waste will be recycled.

All of our recycling is done on our site in Norwich using our own equipment which includes concrete crushers, soil trommel, soil screener and a wood chipper to mention a few.

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